In order to improve the business policy of MIKRON SZR, it adapts its business strategy to the current market trends in the country, the region and the world in several important aspects. Safety and technical standardization of work plants in plants in accordance with the scope and nature of work and market requirements so that the final product coming out of our plants meets the strict and high standards and criteria of our business partners in the country and abroad.

Consequently, our business policy is reflected in the fact that we carefully listen to the requests of users of our services, innovatively and creatively with their professional consultations point out proposals and solutions. We can make orders according to a sample, technical drawing and 3D drawing with innovative ideas, so that our customers are maximally satisfied with the cooperation with us. Among other things, we have 5 universal lathes of various lengths in production; 4 universal milling machines of various sizes; CNC lathe EEN 400; CNC lathe Cormak 300 (2019 year); CNC Machining Center Cormak MILL 500 (2020 year); CNC MAHO 500W milling machine; Large band saw; with appropriate accompanying tools and necessary technical equipment.

Constant professional training of employees, education and monitoring of world trends, domestic and EU legislation in the field of business, participation in international fairs, conferences, business forums, exchange of experiences with regional partners and chambers of commerce, monitoring of professional Internet publications. In order to harmonize business with EU standards, MIKRON SZR hired an instructor to educate children from the Lukijan Musicki Temerin High School of Mechanical Engineering, who master part of the school program through a dual system of professional training that is very close to the German system. Currently, 4 students are engaged in the dual education program, and in cooperation with the school system of the municipality, we plan to increase this number significantly.